Aasha kiran - first initiative

Vibha Mitra khaadi sustainabality west bengal

As our first initiative, we are trying to help a colony of weavers from the quaint railhead to Sunderban tiger reserve called Canning. Mrinal a master weaver running a firm called ‘Baidyanath’, trying to sustain 25 weaver families around the area. These 26 families are currently facing a drastic backlog because of the combined effects of the cover pandemic and the amphan cyclone. The situation currently is inhibiting them to get new orders, procure raw materials and start running their looms again. Skilled in the jamdani technique, this swarm of weavers makes fine counts in Khadi, cotton, linen and silk. They have been making a few products as well like sarees, stoles and dupattas. One of their finest weaves is a 60’s cotton which they have played around with in various fashion to create unique developments. The patterns they create on a 60’s cotton with the tensile strength of the fabric makes it very versatile in nature to be used as upholstery, home linen as well as wearable textile. Here in the video, we present to you, Gopinath, next in line after the master weaver Mrinal, who is trying to keep the cheer up and explain his situation through subtle smiles.


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