Supriyo Sahoo Rimil

Vibha Mitra

Supriyo Sahoo an eclectic graduate from the Govt Art College has many achievements to his credit. His medium is acrylic and having participated in Art Exhibitions he moved on to textiles and has extensive experience as Consultant to many brands. He started his brand Rimil and has showcased his work in fairs in Berlin and Paris                                                                                       

His expertise is manifold - Meghalaya Handlooms with a special focus on Eri / non-violent silk, Indian Miniature paintings of the Kangra school, Chamba Rumaal embroidery, Mud resist batik / marble dye among others.

Not one to rest on his laurels he continues experimenting with hand woven and handcrafted textiles adapting them to contemporary life-styles.


Welcome to his world of woven scarves, sarees in vibrant “hatke” colour palettes. An exquisite batik which looks like idle splashes of colour. His favourite colours are Indigo and Black. His collection can be best described as Serendipity!


The Lockdown has resulted in zero sales and survival is now an issue! We need to help him

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