General care tips

Vibha Mitra fabric care


  • Dry Clean Only ~ No colour guarantee 
  • Please do not machine wash and suggest not to starch.
  • Hand woven / organic dyed / printed fabrics last longer with proper care.

#myqissaa Care

  • All fabrics including pashminas can be gently hand washed with a good liquid soap or “Reetha”
  • Never wring the fabric – gently squeeze out the water.
  • Always dry it wrong side-up in the shade.
  • DO NOT hang woollens on a clothes line. Spread them out on a chataai.
  • Starch eats into the fabric, especially if left unworn over long periods of time.
  • I personally prefer my silks and even cottons unstarched. They remain soft.
  • For crisp cottons one can use some strained diluted rice starch (when worn the starch kind of disintegrates). Many freshly starched saris put away for long periods tend to develop a moth-eaten appearance L
  • Gently steam iron. For delicate silks and tissues put a soft mul on top and iron. Direct ironing can be disastrous. I remember a brand new tissue was in rags by the time I reached the wedding, because of direct ironing.
  • Change folds of saris  - Air them regularly when in storage, unworn for long periods
  • Wrap expensive saris in a soft cotton cloth. The ideal storage for saris – roll them on a rod – if you have the luxury of space. Never put kanjivarams or any zari sari in a plastic packet.
  • Do not use naphthalene EVER. Put dried neem leaves / cloves in a small potli / bundle and put in expensive saris / woollens / anywhere – Organic disinfectant!
  • Light wash regularly, as accumulated dust etc from pollution leads to wear and tear of the fabric. Preferably rinse in water.
  • After an occasion I wipe my saris / shawls  with a damp handkerchief, especially the border. Concentrate on stains. Rub talcum powder for grease, it is pretty effective. Food undetected eats into the fabric leaves gaping holes. Especially shawls!
  • Only if absolutely necessary give your heirlooms to a good reputed dry cleaner. Ones who use white petrol NOT chemicals
  • Voila! I hope you can hand these down for generations!

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