My Qissaa

Vibha Mitra boutique saree sarees west bengal

My journey at Qissaa has been focussed exciting wayward adventurous. My love for textiles prompted me to ask pertinent questions always and as a consequence my data bank was considerable. I wanted hand woven stuff imperfections and all. My dream was to curate stuff from all over the country like my ma initiated my love for this diaspora by getting me one of each kind for my trousseau. I decided to focus on Bengal as it is local and resonates with my environment, espousing the tradition of Bengal. I was always fascinated by Nakshi kantha which has fifteen stitches unlike the plain running stitch which most artisans make. 

A memorable journey to weaver’s homes. Interacting and learning the nitty gritties of the warp and weft. I am even more hooked than before. The sheer skill and artistry is mind-numbing. The handmade traditions almost close to Godliness. My commitment has become firmly entrenched to do better and give to the weavers. Give back something to this rich diaspora.
Its a process of discovery every day as i interact with artisans, their sheer genius which is about to die cos youngsters want to espouse mainstream professions. It is uncool to be in a village. I fear it will die away. I wear just these. I ask people to do so. Buy atleast one a year to provide incentives for kids to learn and stay back and continue.

Renew. Restart. Renewed vigour. Newer avenues. A pledge to substantially contribute to the cause!

The Qissaa continues.

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