I grew up an idealist...


I grew up an idealist and critical of the Mahatma. His attitude towards Kasturba and son piqued me. His Experiments with truth with Manu and Abha riled me. I read somewhere that it cost a fortune to keep him living in poverty, I felt he favoured Nehru and negotiated an unfair deal for our Independence.
Much water has flown under the bridge and notwithstanding all of the above I am perhaps wiser and understand his vision, his way! A textile person now, I understand the importance of Swadeshi, the Charkha, Khadi. Khadi is not merely hand spun hand woven, it is a way of life! Promoting our indigenous industry, keeping alive our traditions.  It is about women empowerment as women are important participants in the weaving process.

The Charkha albeit represents the circle of life! Karmic influence, we are what we reap. Be the change you want to see!

Lets walk in the footsteps of integrity, inclusion, compassion. The right Way!


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