Wabi Sabi

A noteworthy achievement. Accolades to this duo...

A compelling story of revival, true grit determination courage passion!


A programme by Qissaa and Artisana Ccwb

Forgotten Weaves Revival Stories ~ Vignettes, an album of memories.

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Wabi Sabi


Perfection in imperfection! In this world of automation it takes just a few hours to make flawless fabrics on powerlooms.
A lump here, a slub there, variations in texture and colour and design is something I have cherished. Maybe because  I am not flawless. Maybe I identify more with natural not so bright colours which seem unreal to me.
Sub consciously I was doing the right thing - Khadi, hand made - the personal touch. 
Its about the weaver, its about empathy, feeling, sensitivity, not immune to the simpler pleasures of living - the vermillion of the sunset, the dark grey of the monsoons, verdant green of spring!
No machine can ever replicate the softness of a baby's touch, the sunshine of gurgling laughter, shared moments.
Lets celebrate this legacy of handlooms - Life.

Lets celebrate Khadi!

Forgotten Weaves ~ Revival Stories! ~ Threads of the past ~ Qissaa hamaari bunkaari shaan ka!

A lifetime of devotion to finding their roots - resurrecting the weavers, let us share their cause.

The incredible journey of this revivalist duo – Hemalatha Jain and Patteda Anchu, Rohit Phalgaonkar  and the Gauda NOT Kunbhi. Grit determination, passion, courage, they relentlessly searched and found and did!

Today they are a success story worth emulating.
Wear the six yards with pride ~ Wear a handloom ~ It is the idea ~ It is the concept ~ It is India ~ It is me!

We must adopt and wear handlooms. The reason to wear these woven textiles!

Forgotten Weaves ~ Revival Stories by Qissaa and Artisana

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