Coverlet / Dohar / Quilt
Coverlet / Dohar / Quilt

Coverlet / Dohar / Quilt

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To cuddle up in. Warmth in winters. Just right in AC. Mothers love, her saris so soft, so close to you! Can be used as a throw to add the oomph to your room!

Nakshi kantha, a type of embroidered quilt, is a centuries-old Bengali art tradition.The basic material used is thread and old cloth. Women in Bengal typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitch to make a light blanket, throw or bedspread, especially for children. The colourful patterns and designs that are embroidered resulted in the name "Nakshi Kantha", which was derived from the Bengali word "naksha", which refers to artistic patterns. 

This product is hand woven / block printed / hand embroidered and there might be slight irregularities. These add to its unique charm.

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