Z Saree Dhakai Jamdani

Z Saree Dhakai Jamdani

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Jamdani (Bengali: জামদানি) is one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal, produced in Dhaka DistrictBangladesh for centuries. The historic production of jamdani was patronized by imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors. Under British colonialism, the Bengali jamdani and muslin industries rapidly declined due to colonial import policies favoring industrially manufactured textiles. In more recent years, the production of jamdani has witnessed a revival in Bangladesh. The traditional art of weaving jamdani has been declared by UNESCO as a Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Hand woven. Cotton by cotton. From Bangladesh.

No blouse, Wear it with a plain rubia

Dhakai Jamdanis
A TIP: These are pure cotton Dhakais. If you have a mix of silk and cotton the fabric tears. The price depends on no of colours and motifs across the sari and aanchal!


This product is hand woven / block printed / hand embroidered and there might be slight irregularities. These add to its unique charm.

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