Scarf / Dupatta Tussar Organic
Scarf / Dupatta Tussar Organic

Scarf / Dupatta Tussar Organic

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Throw it on - tie it like a scarf, tie like a bandana. Fun. Add dimension! To pep up enhance an outfit. to lift your mood or make something look different. Wear this with saris salwars trousers skirts!

Handwoven Handmade Love! 

Tussar with Indigo Block Batik!


This product is hand woven / hand crafted and there might be slight irregularities. These add to its unique charm.

Dispatched in 1-2 business days. No returns.

Handle with care, preferably dry clean!

#myqissaa care

My personal Experience

  • All fabrics including pashminas can be gently hand washed with a good liquid soap or “Reetha”
  • Never wring the fabric
  • Always dry it wrong side-up in the shade.
  • DO NOT hang woollens on a clothes line. Spread them out on a chataai.
  • Starch I find eats into the fabric especially if left unworn over long periods of time.
  • I personally prefer my silks and even cottons unstarched. They remain soft.
  • For crisp cottons one can use some strained diluted rice starch (when worn the starch kind of disintegrates). Many freshly starched saris put away tend to develop a moth-eaten appearance L
  • Gently steam iron. For delicate silks and tissues put a soft mul on top and iron. Direct ironing can be disastrous. I remember a brand new tissue was in rags by the time I reached the wedding, cos of direct ironing.
  • Change folds of saris regularly - Air them regularly
  • Never wash unless absolutely necessary
  • After an occasion I wipe my saris / shawls  with a damp handkerchief, especially the border. Concentrate on stains. Rub talcum powder for grease, it is pretty effective. Food undetected eats into the fabric leaves gaping holes. Especially shawls!
  • Only if absolutely necessary give your heirlooms to a good reputed dry cleaner. Ones who use white petrol NOT chemicals
  • Voila! I hope you can hand these down for generati

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